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Who are we and what do we want?

Köping–Uttersbergs Railway Preservation Society, KUJmf, is a non-profit association founded 1975 with its home in the city of Köping, Sweden.

The purpose of this association is to preserve and bring to life material and immaterial memories of the Köping–Uttersberg–Riddarhyttans Railway, KURJ. This purpose is met by the following activities:

to work for establishing a railway museum and a vintage railway in Köping,

to preserve and renovate rolling stock and other objects held by the Society,

to work for writing down stories of the KURJ,

to gather the Society members around the tasks above by publishing the periodical Uttersbergar’n.


KUJmf has club rooms with an exhibition in the old KURJ station building in Köping. Beside the station building, which also houses a restaurant, lies the engine shed which to its exterior mainly resembles the first engine shed in Köping. The KURJ rolling stock in our care is stored in the engine shed. In addition to the only preserved KURJ steam engine and two passenger coaches there is also an interesting inspection trolley and some bicycle trolleys.


Are you fond of odd narrow gauge railways? Join us!

The membership fee is 125 SEK a year, 100 SEK if you are under 16 or over 65 years old. As a member you will receive our periodical Uttersbergar'n which among else contains pictures from KURJ and news about the activities of KUJmf. This periodical is published three or four times a year.

You may also become a lifetime member of KUJmf for the sum of 2500 SEK.

If you live abroad, please contact us for further information about how to become a member.

The covers of three recent issues of the periodical Uttersbergarn

Contact us!

You can reach us by our e-mail info@kujmf.se

We boardmembers would gladly try to answer your questions about us, about the KUJmf Society, and about the KURJ railway.

Chairman: Anders Nordebring, e-mail ordf@kujmf.se

Secretary: Daniel Lans, e-mail sekr@kujmf.se

Uttersbergar'n and Public Relations: Bernt R. Jansson, e-mail red@kujmf.se

Keeper of the Archives: Kjell-Åke R. Leijon, e-mail arkiv@kujmf.se


View from our exhibition of unique KUJ/KURJ objects

Here you can see a part of our exhibition, where you can find plenty of KUJ/KURJ objects from different time periods.
Photo: Bernt R Jansson



Welcome to KUJmf